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A great source of information and resources on child language.
A website devoted to sensory integration issues.
Great website for OT/sensory integration.
Brilliant music activities to encourage speech and communication.
Great visual resources for child language.
Resources for child language.
Information about speech, language and communication difficulties in children.

Up-to-date and comprehensive Australian-based site for therapists and parents.

A global online community for speech and language therapists and service users to share resources. Developed and maintained by speech and language therapist Johan Langfield.
I CAN is the charity that helps children with speech and language difficulties across the UK. The charity works to create a society where their special needs are recognised, understood and met, so that they have the same opportunities in life as other children.
Afasic is the UK charity representing children and young adults with communication impairments, working for their inclusion in society and supporting their parents and carers. Afasic is also a recognised training provider for parents and professionals.
The ‘first point of contact’ for information and support on stammering’.


Training designed for pre schools, primary and secondary schools.
Evaluation of project run by Tricia for the Southside Partnership, DunLaoghaire Rathdown, Dublin.
A great source of information and resources on child language. Also has appropriate training for infant , nurseries and playschools. year settings.
Information on the background to the role of Speech and Language Therapists within the Sure Start Initative. I worked as a Sure Start Therapist for the three years prior to my return to Ireland in 2006.
Excellent resources for all speech & language work. Competitive prices. Shipping costs but ask about these – usually cheaper than quoted. Earobics CD for phonological awareness used at ARC and often available to buy from ARC. BUY HERE
Excellent resources for Teachers – some as Gaeilge. CD materials available. BUY HERE

A variety of excellent speech and Language Resources.
Range of materials for speech & language work. BUY HERE


Tel: 0044 1 869 244 733
No online ordering but over the phone.

Software for speech, language and reading/spelling. Catalogue available over the phone. BUY HERE

A variety of toys and equipment for child development – alot of resources to help with feeding and eating.

A brilliant for parents and Teachers. Lots of free resources to print for Vocabulary, Language, reading and maths.

An Irish website – Great for parents and Teachers. Lots of free printable resources for vocabulary, language, reading and maths.

Orchard Toys

A range of games for yound children to promote learning. Available at Banba Toymaster, Mary Street Dublin. Also Art and Hobby Shops and Hamley’s

Living and Learning Toys

Available at Early Learning Centre.

Kids' Express Train

Brilliant music activities to encourage speech and communication.
Videos specifically targeted at child language.

ETC Consult - Dublin

Variety of tools, assessments & workbooks – agent for superduper and linguisystems.
Tel: 01 497 2067